Friday, October 3, 2008

"Family at Dinner" / Shroud Magazine / Issue 6 (Summer 2009)

After spending years, literally, on the maybe list of two major magazines (one ended up folding, I finally pulled it from the other), my surreal story "Family at Dinner" has been accepted for publication in the new horror magazine Shroud ( This is a slick horror print magazine which has been gaining quite a reputation. The story is slated to appear in the upcoming issue 6 this Spring. This will be the first issue for Shroud's new major distribution program, so the magazine should be available at most every Barnes & Noble and more!
Check out the line up of this issue, L.L.Soares, Rick Hautala, Bev Vincent, and a ton of other incredible writers. This one's going to be quite cool.

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Shroud Publishing said...

And what a compelling story it is!