Monday, December 28, 2015

"Shattered" (as G Daniel Gunn), Co-Written by Paul G. Tremblay / Borderlands 6 Anthology / Summer 2016

At long last this hapless - though admittedly very cool - story has been bought. Ok, well to be honest I'll believe it when I see it. Paul Tremblay and I went back and forth over the course of a few months working on a story we basically wrote stream of consciousness - whatever struck us next we wrote. Then we refined and formed it into the final story. Oddly enough, that was 13 years ago. After a couple of tries it was accepted for publication in a fairly big magazine, which then folded before it saw the light of day. We resubmitted to an anthology coming out - which then folded as well before seeing publication. Hmm, head scratching. But we then picked it up and sent it out, and eventually it was looking good for another anthology - which was canceled. Never to say die, we submitted it to Borderlands 6: this was the original incarnation of this extremely influential series, and after learning it had been short-listed, nothing ever came of the anthology. It sort of fizzled out due to unrelated issues with the publisher, and after three years we just withdrew it (as it most of the other stories people submitted) because it was no longer on the road to publication. Fast-forward ten years, and the story had been shelved. We we almost afraid to send it anywhere for fear it was cursed or something. Then eidtor Tom Monteleone resurrected Borderlands 6 again with his daughter Olivia and put out a call for stories earlier this year. We decided, why not, let's dust off the story and send it out. It's not been formerly accepted, contract and all. So I hope everything continues forward and "Shattered" finally gets read by the masses. In the time between these, I began using a psuedonym of G Daniel Gunn for my straight-horror work, since under my own name Margaret's Ark and other biblical-themed novels had gained an audience which is slightly different from a pure horror audience. Time will tell. Hopefully this comes out soon, before anything can happen to prevent it. :)